Edit Periods

You can edit existing period dates, the period frequency, and/or the current period for a contact—via the Edit Periods link—whether or not account information has been entered and there is account activity in the application.

  1. Select a contact to edit in the Setup > Contacts or Setup > Clients screen.

    Note: You can also click the Edit Contact link in the Setup tab for your project in Onvio Trial Balance or Onvio Workpapers to edit periods on the fly.

  2. Click the Periods tab for the contact.
  3. Click the Edit Periods link on the Accounting tab.

    Step 1: Edit periods — Select a new Period Frequency, update the current periods, and/or set the current period for the contact, and then click Next.

    Step 2: Period Mapping – Select the periods for the new frequency to which the existing periods will map.

  4. Click the Done button to apply your changes.


  • After the application maps the existing periods to new periods, you can make further changes to the new periods, as necessary.
  • Any changes made to the period or period frequency for the contact are updated automatically in the Onvio applications that are using accounting periods. For example, drop-down lists that include periods, transactions, and areas in the Trial Balance screen (i.e., Workpaper reference columns and Tickmark columns).
  • You can edit only one fiscal year at a time. Changes for the selected year do not effect the other fiscal years that have been set up for the contact.

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