Open a project

There are several ways to open a project in Onvio Center.

  • Choose Setup > Clients and select a client. Click the Projects tab to open a list of that client's projects.
  • Click Projects on the menu bar to open a list of all of your projects.
  • Open an active project from widgets on the Home Dashboard or the Client Dashboard.

Click Edit to open a project, or click a project's link to open it in its associated application. Projects may be associated with the following applications, or with no application.

Trial Balance icon – Trial Balance

Onvio Workpapers icon – Onvio Workpapers

Onvio Tax icon – Onvio Tax

Checkpoint icon – Checkpoint Engage

Advisory– Advisory

You can take the following actions from the project list.

  • Update the status of projects (and tasks, if available)
  • Click Comments to add comments for a project
  • Click Add to create a new project from a project template
  • Delete a project
  • Select a project in the list and click Generate Next on the toolbar to generate a new occurrence of a project
  • Click Export to create your project list in Microsoft Excel (including the same details)
  • Use search, grouping, and filters

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